From Environment to Engineering: Bionic Design and the Future of Manufacturing

As documents from the 16th century show, Bionic Design goes back as far as Leonardo daVinci, who sketched designs clearly inspired by the nature around him. Almost 500 years later, Bionics started to gain real significance in the USA of the 1960s, and has since found its permanent place within modern design.


Bionics is defined as an interdisciplinary field, which takes examples from biological systems to facilitate the most efficient processes, structures, and methods. This is particularly important for the aerospace industry. Bionic design can help to produce components that are light in weight and low in costs, while at the same time environmentally sustainable and aesthetically appealing. Although Bionics is not seen as a universal cure for industrial problems, it is first and foremost used as an outstanding assistance tool.  
This and more fascinating topics will be part of expoAIR 2017.

expoAIR is the new international trade fair for the aerospace supply industry in Munich from 20-22 November 2017. 

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