Less Emission, Quieter Airports: Tackling Climate Change with Hybrid and Electric Propulsion


It was not so long ago that Airbus Group and Siemens signed a collaboration agreement on hybrid electric propulsion. This deal signifies a major step towards the electrification of aviation.  


Hybrid and electric propulsion are seen as one of the biggest industrial challenges. They source their power in two different ways: In the case of aircrafts from kerosene and from an electric motor. Aiming first and foremost at the reduction of fuel consumption, hybrid-electric propulsion systems significantly contribute towards current European emissions targets that cannot be achieved through traditional technologies. In addition, the technology diminishes noise levels, which would in turn benefit the aerospace industry. Airport residents would be relieved, potentially even allowing for an extension of flight operation during night times.  


To achieve this, Airbus Group has already installed the so-called E-Aircraft Roadmap for the research into electric and hybrid technologies.  




This and more fascinating topics will be part of expoAIR 2017. expoAIR is the new international trade fair for the aerospace supply industry in Munich from 20-22 November 2017. 


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