From Aluminium to Fibre Materials: New and Alternative Materials in the Aerospace Industry


As the aerospace industry faces constant pressure to save costs, new and alternative materials are a much welcomed solution for fuel efficiency. Almost half a century ago, aluminium was celebrated as the lightweight material that would make aircrafts lighter. In the meantime, however, companies have turned to new substances, such as CFRPs (carbon fibre reinforced polymers), GFRPs (glass fibre reinforced plastics) or aramid fibres. Interestingly, due to the advancement of production technology in general, old materials that were formerly deemed difficult or unfit for machining can now be tooled and integrated in the aerospace industry.


In addition, metallic and composite materials already used in production are being further improved. The result are ever stronger, lighter, cost efficient, and aesthetically appealing designs. Thus, the aerospace industry witnesses a constant change by shaping and reshaping according to the latest innovations.



This and more fascinating topics will be part of expoAIR 2017. expoAIR is the new international trade fair for the aerospace supply industry in Munich from 20-22 November 2017.  


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