Accelerating Development, Reducing Costs: The Benefits of Embracing PLM


Technical Services in the aerospace as well as defence industry are among the most complex sectors worldwide. In contrast to other industries, the aerospace industry has traditionally been at the forefront of integrating the latest technologies. The use of technical innovations is not only a question of adhering to safety regulations, but also of survival in a competitive industry. However, with greater technologies come greater challenges, such as the increased complexity of the aerospace network. This has led to the adoption of PLM (product lifecycle management) solutions.


The key advantage resulting from PLM are the centralisation of information through one unified system. This, in turn, leads to an enhancement of interaction throughout the entire aerospace supply chain as networking across tiers and countries eases. For example, maintenance, repair, and overhaul roadblocks (MRO) are being addressed. Thus, companies who have turned to PLM have seen several benefits, from cost savings to an acceleration in development time and improvement in the quality of supply.



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