Stepping up the Game: Industry 4.0 in the Tool, Model, and Mould Making Industry


As the world’s leading supplier for machinery and manufactured goods, Germany has traditionally been at the forefront of industrial innovation. Thus, Germany has secured her place as one of the most competitive markets worldwide. Now, the country’s industry steps up its game. In the past year, the importance of an integration of Industry 4.0 in the nation’s market in order to secure Germany’s pioneering position was at the centre of her key sector: the tool, model, and mould making industry.  


In its essence, Industry 4.0 is about the interconnectedness of single components and their ability to exchange information in real-time without depending too much on human interference or extensive organisation. 


As such, Industry 4.0 is not just a concept to maintain old and develop new sector segments. Particularly small and medium-sized companies that contribute to the tool, model, and mould making industry’s success have to readjust their way of thinking. Comparable to electrification, Industry 4.0 does not mean a slight alteration in the mode of production. Rather, it signifies a complete change of the industry. This must be understood and accordingly implemented in order to remain competitive.  


This and more fascinating topics will be part of expoAIR 2017. expoAIR is the new international trade fair for the aerospace supply industry in Munich from 20-22 November 2017. 



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